The Bronx: Potential Locations for a New Environmental Education Center

The Bronx River Watershed Alliance in New York City sought a potential sites along the Bronx River Greenway to locate a new environmental education center for the community.

They wanted to find a vacant site that was near existing education and recreation centers near the riverfront or greenway.

The greenway was mapped and overlaid with existing education facilities, and available lots to determine potential locations.

These were divided into 7 zones, and then compared by location, size, and access to the community either trough public transit or walking.

Location G, located near the mouth of the Bronx River was selected because it provided the most available open space, and was adjacent to an existing education center, the Bronx Academy Senior High School.

In addition to its prime location and connection to the high school, Location G provides easy access to the neighborhood and the city via I-278, the Bx5 bus line, and Metro line 6.

Data sourced from: NYC DCP, The Bronx River Watershed Alliance, ESRI